Nottinghamshire Wedding // Mel & Dan

We were utterly wowed and inspired by this creative pair from start to finish...

They found a rustic barn (on working farm in Kinoulton, Nottinghamshire), a blank canvas, and made it totally their own. It took us both a while to realise that they had actually done everything themselves...and I mean everything! Built the bar, fitted all the lighting, even found a tractor which they made into a showpiece! Literally every last detail was theirs. Even the food and drink was a show stopper, from canapés on clock-faces to smoking limoncellos! 

Mel & Dan’s creativity and enthusiasm for life was nothing short of infectious and quite honestly, truly inspiring. Just an hour with these guys and everything seems possible...obstacles don’t exist! That’s just the way they are, so much energy and determination. A perfect example is how they found their wedding car. Walking down the road one day, Dan saw a very rare, classic, Mercedes go by and stop a little further along. He immediately loved it and just knew that it had to be their wedding car. For most, that would be the end of the story, but not for Dan. He just went up to the guy driving it and asked if he could borrow it for his wedding. As simple as that. Talk about taking chances and living in the moment.

It’s wonderful to meet a couple with such uncompromising vision, staying so true to themselves. Needless to say that as a result, their day was so relaxed and fun to photograph. We even felt like guests and it was actually hard to not put our cameras down in the evening and just join the party...Mel and Dan wanted us to! They loved every second and so did their guests. The day was perfectly rounded off with an awesome set by Chromatic and sparklers. We left everyone pretty late, partying hard into the early hours with no sign of it winding down any time soon. An amazing day to be part of and one we won’t forget!


Venue: Grove Barn, Kinoulton, Nottinghamshire

Dress: Hermione de Paula

Music: Chromatic