Newark Wedding // Shama & Murray

A Scottish and Sikh fusion wedding was always going to be spectacular to photograph but Shama and Murray’s day was something else! Starting the day at Stubton Hall in Newark, Shama’s bridesmaids were being carefully wrapped, one at a time, in their brightly colourful saris. In contrast, Shama wore a traditional white dress and couldn’t have looked more elegant! Back at their nearby hotel, the boys were getting themselves equally as dressed up in their Scottish attire before heading over to Stubton Hall.

Once the bridesmaids were ready, they went outside to join the guests while Shama stayed upstairs and waited for Murray to arrive on a horseback! This tradition is known as the Baraat and the groom is accompanied by his groomsmen dancing alongside him, together with the Dholl players (drums) and the Scottish piper. Murray arrived at the entrance to Stubton Hall to great his guests and take part in the next Sikh tradition, the Milni, which is the meeting of different members of the family from each side. We didn’t expect what happened next...some pretty fierce wrestling! Having greeted each other, the younger men from each family fought for victory by lifting the other off the ground. This wasn’t half hearted play fighting either, a few bouts had to be stopped to calm things down. It was amazing to experience and the atmosphere was incredible! They were even kicking the dust up into the air as they fought and with all their guests circling around to watch it felt a touch gladiatorial.

The last surprise for the day happened on the dance floor. Shama and Murray’s first dance to ‘Praise You’ was soon intervened by all the guests of all ages jumping onto the dance floor and the music switched to hard Bhangra! No one held back and if anything it was the older guests that stole the show, the atmosphere was amazing. It took a while to come down from this day, we left buzzing and couldn’t wait to look through the photos! 


Wedding Venue: Stubton Hall, Newark, Nottinghamshire

Videography: Jason Lynch (check out his stunning cinematic film of the day!)